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T-Series Stageworks Academy

Mothers Day 2018

Saluting the Spirit of Motherhood, T- Series Stageworks Academy is thankful to all the Mothers who Love and Support their Children and push them to follow their dreams.

In our Academy we Believe in Strong women who take charge and make things happen, and we hope to see more wonderful ladies bring forth a positive and healthy spirit in our World.

Mothers Support us from the beginning of our life and even after we can take care of ourselves. Mother’s do not have holidays in fact on holiday’s they work even harder to make everyone happy and satisfied.  In today’s age we face the harsh reality of life every second, but all the problems feel better when you have someone to support, encourage, and bring you up when feeling down.

A love of a mother does not necessarily need to be biological, giving love and nurturing someone or something is enough to establish a caring relationship.

Today we wish all our students pay respects to their Mothers or Motherly figure and do something nice and caring.She is your driving force everyday, so you can come and perform well in the academy.

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