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Meet and Greet with Guru Mann

Good health and fitness should be what we all aspire for. Guru mann is one such motivational speaker who strives to help people to achieve their fitness goals and motivate them time and again with the help of his YouTube channel by the name Guru Man Fitness.
Guru mann is an Indian born Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist who San Francisco Bay, California (USA) provides free programs for helping the full Indian community to be a fit country with help of T-Series. Guru Mann is a Professional In:-
° AS Sports & Fitness Association-Certified Nutrition Consultant)
° ISSA-CSCS (International Sports Sciences Association-Certified Strength)
He provides free fitness guide for every age people on his YouTube channel. He helps in fitness related issue If you follow you will get result for sure. Even many Indian celebrities follow him. When he was in school skinny he used to get bully for his very lightweight but he worked by himself.
Guru mann is on his India tour where he visited many states of India and talks about his initiative Mission India Fit.
On 6th July 2019, a motivational event was organised by T-Series Stageworks Academy at Laxmi studios, Film City, Noida in which a meet and greet with Guru mann was organised which was a part of his India tour. Mission India Fit started in 2010 is one man’s vision for a whole country and it’s people to be fit & healthy. A country long troubled by fitness & health issues. It’s his attempt to change how INDIA is placed on the global map, in terms of health and fitness.
In the event, Guru mann spread awareness about the health issues India faces and how it has become the sickest nations of the world as per WHO(World Health Organisation) reports, not in terms of diseases, fitness as well. He speaks about how India is suffering from a number of serious diseases like as Diabetes, Blood pressure, heart diseases, Liver function problems, Thyroid and many more diseases too which could be avoided by simply changing the way we live and focusing more on health and fitness.
Guru Mann also discusses how he is working for the Indian community without any personal benefits and that’s why he visited India so many times in a year. He is constantly Visiting India to get fix the issue with Indian Government as well as Health Department of India.
Laxmi Studios was filled with people who consider Guru mann as their ideal and wanted to interact with him on a personal level. There was no entry ticket as everyone who wanted to see him was welcomed with warm hearts. Guru mann shared his journey of fitness with the audience, how it all started and how blessed he is to reach where he is today. Audiences were enlightened and entertained by singing and dance performances of T-Series stageworks students such as Jatin Sharma, Manya Tripathi, Nadiya Jindal, Tanmay Bali and many other students of TSA.
Guru mann is very humble and dedicated person altogether. He requested the audience to wait as he never leaves without taking a selfie/picture with everyone present in the audience.
Guru mann is selflessly helping others to stay fit and healthy with a vision to see India turning into a fit nation from the sickest nation of the world and we all should contribute on out level in order to change the paths of our country and turn it into a fit nation.

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